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Partnering with Not-For-Profits is Good Business

Mar 27, 2023 | News

“It is vital for businesses to support and get involved with the non-profit community. Non-profits help our communities prosper, they provide opportunities for employee engagement and play an important role in staff retention and attraction. The natural partnerships between business and non-profits enable communities to thrive and challenges us to embrace the future, together.

Businesses Grow when Our Community Thrives
Not-for-profits are the bloodline of our communities, keeping programs, and support systems alive. In order for our local businesses to grow, we need a healthy community that encourages economic growth, and a positive outlook. One that attracts residents and supports diversity and inclusion. Not-for-profits are the root to many of these key programs.

Engagement with your employer
Some of my most memorable work/employee experiences are those spent volunteering with my colleagues. Like when we planted flowers with children at the library, releasing fish with students or helped organize and collect donations for the local food bank. It is a time when colleagues can get to know each other and make a difference together. It is through these times that make me proud of my employer for encouraging us to give back to our community. With strong teams, come strong results.

Family and Work Balance
Other great memories I have acquired, are taking my children along with my work team to make a difference. It is an opportunity to provide some work/family balance and instill the values and importance with our children of “giving back”. Dollar donations are great and needed, but so are hours and our time, and I think this is an important lesson for our youth to learn, they are the future of this sustainability.

Attract employees
In a very competitive staffing environment, having a focus on community is definitely an attraction for those seeking an employer. There are so many ways that employers can support their employees with being involved in the community through encouraging “team involvement”, encourage payroll deduction/donation, right up to setting up matching programs for donation/time.

We can’t individually control inflation, interest rates, and supply chain, but we can control our ability to live our values, and our roles in our community.”